March 6-8, 2021 • Global Music & Art Festival

About eMMber

Born and raised in Chicago, the birthplace of House Music It was there that eMMber fell in love with the underground music scene, and began DJing at various bars and clubs around town.  He brings his Chicago roots into both his performances as well as his productions.

In 2017 eMMber was inspired to journey to LA in 2017 where he attended Icon Collective and his focus became writing music in many different styles, this versatility is why he has been able to work with a variety of artists over the years. In 2020 he launched his eMMber project and was able to work with some outstanding artists like, Maya Manel, ENMOCEAN & Terrell Carter. 

The name eMMber was created out of the idea that an ember is a small piece of fire that is capable of lighting a mountain on fire. This concept defines the eMMber creative process. The spark of the smallest idea can become a  wildfire burning through him that he brings to life.
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